Thursday, 13 September 2012

He is dancing, dancing. He says he will never die.

I need to write more on this page...oh, do I?  I'm never sure if anyone actually keeps an eye on it....

You might all think that festival season is over but we've still got 3 more to do, Manchester, Liverpool and Cardiff over the next few weeks.  They all look like they'll be fun, not only cos Nicki Minaj and Snow Patrol are nowhere to be seen on the bill and they're not anywhere near a field that's been transformed into a somme-esque battleground but cos there are bands we actually want to see and although we might not be sleeping in beds we'll be sleeping in buildings...after those we've got 4 more shows with The Cribs....they're all listed over there >>>>> somewhere >>>>

We have a few other things in the pipeline 2 cover songs we're getting ready for a couple of compilations which'll hopefully be released in the near future, filming a new video for the next single which won't be anything like the first 3 video we've done (they're all basically the same, right?) and we've just started booking a headline tour for November time...just say if you want to put us on or play with us... pipes at home are making really weird groaning noises, the internet tells me I might have air trapped in them...if anyone know how to release this air please let me know or come round.  I'll put the kettle on....



and listen to this...


  1. Good stuff looking forward to seeing you guys on the tour :)

    p.s. You need to use one of these on your radiators: