Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lovely Skin

we now have 16 songs in a mastered format awaiting release. the first 11 will form an lp containing both an A side and a B side. the other 5 will fill one side of a split lp with another band. as this is the only news there is and we don't have set release dates yet we're gonna have to string it out.....artwork & tracklistings to follow. gonna post some of the new songs too.
also there are some new shows up and some more to follow. some good guys in manchester have started a booking agency and they've asked us to come aboard...we said yes...have a look here if you'd like us to play, ask for phil.
oh...and we played a private show for huw stephens at maida vale a couple of weeks ago. i'm gonna to try and post a link soon if you want to listen to it. i'm not sure if we're allowed to put a link to download it since the bbc might own them and we've not been paid yet so i don't want to rock the boat. until then here are some pictures...

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