Sunday, 14 November 2010

Time for the news. Time for the treatment.

Thus said lies to make a readjustment after ITC but alas no readjustment it came in front. Sad.

This chooses there, really roughly 300 hundreds is outside there, really a great number are under the bed of crickets but some are outside there. Copies without end exist on itunes.

Played in a sound way with Camden and accompanied people discussions. It sounded probably more like the recordings….perhaps that's why I didn't has a breath. Gig with savage something was a load distortion more entertainment me and also deformed that'll how advance we.

We intended for Camden again this Saturday but by certain people can't shit with a bag so we withdraw which is a lettuce of shame that we want to really play like probable immediately. It took for it moves these refrigerators!

My time is effort to find it concerts and writes more songs. They're equally frustration.

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