Monday, 2 August 2010


this will be a real attempt at a blog. not just a picture or a word. a genuine communication between the blogger and the bloggee. hold on to your shit.
i put 2 new songs up on the myspace yesterday. one called 'same as what' & another called '1500' (which was called 'back of your knees' but i changed the name, i don't like either, it'll be renamed again soon). 'same as what' is one of the first songs i wrote, i've only just recorded it. 1500 is the most recent.

also, a new band is taking shape and we'll hopefully be
playing live pretty soon. if anyone saw any of the 6 or 7 gigs we played at the start of the year and was wondering who was in the band, it was adam carless on bass and luke chase on drums, they're now concentrating on their ace band 'weird era.' luke also plays drums on one side of the single that's coming out in a month or so on suffering jukebox records, on the song 'such fun'. the other track is called 'can't you see'. it looks like this....

blog out

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